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How Decluttering and Having Less Stuff Made Us a Happier Family

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Here is another simple organization idea that I wanted to share with you, this time about kids bedrooms.  I’m not sure where I read about the idea but I had read somewhere that having less toys makes it easier for kids to keep their room clean and also that they will play with what they are left with more because too many choices can be overwhelming for them so they just play with the same toys all the time.

So after months if not years of dealing with Isabella’s room being a mess. I decided to give it a try. She is just like me and her dad so I know she will never be a perfectionist when it comes to having her room clean but with all the new stuff from her birthday in October and then the tons she got from Christmas I knew I had to do something. So she went to spend the night at a grandma’s  house and Blake was at work so I went to work.

I brought in trash bags for trash and also to put in things to donate to the thrift shop. The layout of our house is kind of odd and her bedroom leads right into her playroom with the bathroom in between. So she has her own little section of the house.

You see this chaos I was starting with, I knew she didn’t all of this. So I got to work. I trashed things that were missing pieces or were broken, or was just trash, there was plenty of that and I put toys she’d outgrown or had too many of in big bags to donate. Like barbies she had 20+ barbies so I cut it down to 10. That way she still had a lot to play with when friends came over.  I ended up with three big trash bags of donations and two of trash. 

So as you can see she is still left with plenty but a lot less than before. I will probably go through in a couple months and downsize it more. She didn’t even care that I took toys away, maybe because it wasn’t a punishment but me just cleaning out her room. She just wanted to know where this one stuffed animal was that wasn’t on her bed. I knew I wouldn’t have put it in donations because it’s a favorite and I wouldn’t get rid of it. So we looked and it was in her bag she took to grandmas. So far she has never asked for or about any of the toys I gave away. In fact she seems to love her room more even.

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There is more room to play and she’s had her neighbor friend over a few times and they enjoy the space and knowing where all her toys are. Also it’s easier for her to keep picked up since the clutter is gone and things all have their spots. So I’m happier because it’s not a big source of stress when I go in her room and she is happy because she can play easier and keep it cleaned with some light picking up.

If you want to try to do this with your own kids I recommend having a few hours to commit to the project and to do it all by yourself, if she had seen  me trashing or donating her toys she’d have been upset. So doing it all by myself worked really well. 

Now that this post is a couple years old here is an update: As Isabella got older it has become less about toys and more about clothes, jewelry and accessories. I am needing to apply the same rules that I had with toys just to new things. Also as your child gets older they can be more included in deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. 

When we were packing to move a couple months ago. I knew Isabella needed to purge a lot of her stuff. Her room was going to be smaller and so I explained that to her and gave her a box to put things in to donate. The box needed to be filled. Either she could fill it with things or I could. Letting her be a part of the decision helped her let go of hings easier. This wouldn’t be something I would have done with her a few years ago but now at 10 she was more mature and could be a part of the process. 

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