10 Must-Remove Items From Your Shed to Clear the Clutter

The outdoor shed is great for freeing up space in the garage or home that might otherwise be filled with gardening tools and holiday decorations, but what items are just taking up space and should be purged? Decluttering your outdoor shed and other storage zones will help streamline the space for easy access.

So, what items should you store in an outdoor shed, and what things should you toss out or move to a different space? Here is a list of 10 things to toss from the shed to start your decluttering journey and get the most out of your outdoor storage area.

1. Cardboard Boxes

cardboard boxes stacked in shed
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We all know the phrase, “It’s a good box!” Saving cardboard boxes seems like a right of passage in adulthood. They have to go somewhere until you eventually need them, right? Toss the cardboard boxes from your shed to free up valuable storage space. The humidity and moisture turn them into a breeding ground for mold and mildew, and honestly, it’s okay to throw the box away—you won’t need it.

2. Charcoal Briquettes

old bag of charcoal
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After the end of grilling season last year, you probably stored the leftover charcoal right next to the grill in your shed, but by now, it is probably unusable. Charcoal is great for absorbing extra moisture from humidity, but that process will make it difficult to light and burn out too quickly. Toss out that old bag and purchase some fresh.

3. Chemicals

old chemicals and paint stored in a shed
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Chemicals stored in structures without climate control can become ineffective and even volatile, making them, at best, worthless and, at worst, dangerous. Clear out any old chemicals stored in your shed to avoid potential harm.

4. Old Paint

Old leftover paint stored in the shed
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It is common to hold onto the leftover paint after a big painting project for touch-ups, but even properly sealed paint cans will go bad. After a while, the paint color can change, and the ingredients can separate. It’s a good idea to throw out that old paint this year. Learn more about how to store left-over paint here.

5. Electronics

hand throwing out old electronics stored in Shed
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Storing electronics in your shed might seem like a great solution to freeing up space in your home, but most sheds are not completely moisture-tight. Pull that old stereo or air fryer out of the shed and get rid of anything that no longer has use to you.

6. Rusted Tools

rusty unused tools forgotten in the garage
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Your shed will become an unexpected graveyard for rusted wrenches and garden tools, and it’s out with the old and in with the new. Get rid of those rusted tools this year to free up shed storage.

7. Damaged Planters

cracked planter pot laid out in the sun
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An avid gardener understands the need to repot your plants at various stages, and having extra planters available makes that a simple process. When your planter cracks or breaks, you might plan to repair it, but after a few seasons, it’s okay to toss out those old terracotta pots.

8. Unused Patio Furniture

unused and rusted patio furniture displayed outside
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Patio furniture can be expensive, so tossing out “perfectly good” pieces seems like such a waste. Throw out those damaged plastic Adirondack chairs and the ripped cushions to open up shed space for something new.

9. Books and Paper Materials

old unused books stack over a blue background
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Your outdoor shed is not the optimal location to store those old paperbacks. Humidity and moisture will turn those books and magazines into damp, musty piles of yuck. Toss the paper materials from the shed and invest in some airtight storage containers.

10. Project Materials

leftover DIY 2 by 4s on the grass gathered to be discarded
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Most homeowners have tackled a DIY project or two and probably have leftover materials from that job. If the partial pieces of drywall and various cuts of tile and lumber are taking up too much space, throw them out in favor of useful storage space.

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