How to Declutter Like a Mother

Dealing with too much clutter can be such a stressor in your home. It can make you and your family unhappy when around so much chaos and mess. I think in order to have an organized and clean home you must first start with getting rid of clutter. Don’t worry though I have a few simple steps to finally conquer clutter

If you follow these simple steps to finally conquer clutter I know you will be surprised by just how much you get rid of. Plus how little time it actually will take to do it. 
So get ready, make a plan and let’s get decluttering! 

Simple Steps to finally conquer clutter

First set up a place to get rid of unwanted items. The goal is to get rid of a lot of things from in the home that you no longer need. So, you need to know exactly what you plan to do with them. I suggest you have a box of things you want to take to donate. Plus a big trash bag for things that are trash. As you fill the box put it straight into your car to be taken to donate to a local thrift store. Toss the trash bag in the trash bin. 

You don’t want the donation box just sitting in your home or garage because it will become too easy for things to make their way back inside even if you already decided you don’t need them. Especially if they are old toys and things of your children. Get things gone. 

second, do one part of one room at a time. I have found that one of the fastest ways to fail at decluttering and getting organized is to focus too much on the big picture. If you look at your whole house and just how much stuff you have and how much needs to be done you will very quickly become overwhelmed and not be able to get as much done.

Instead, break it down to one room at a time and one part of that room at a time. Focus on your refrigerator and then your cupboard of cups, etc. You will feel inspired as you get one space done and organized. That will often motivate you to do the next spot. 

One of my favorite simple steps to finally conquer clutter is to set a timer and just purge.  This is just a great way to get a lot done. I have found this works really well in high clutter areas like my daughter’s room or just as a sweep through the main level of the house. I will set a timer for 30 minutes and just focus really hard on getting things done. Trash is thrown away, take dishes to the sink, make beds, fold blankets, hang up coats and put shoes away. 

It doesn’t seem like that much will really get done in only 30 minutes. Often I’m surprised by how quickly my home can go from feeling super messy to pretty tidy. It’s not enough time to do a thorough cleaning but it can get things in order and get the house feeling better. 

Make getting rid of clutter a natural part of your life.

Even after you get rid of a lot of your clutter you will still end up with a lot of stuff. I have found that since we purged a lot of our clutter. It just feels so much nicer in our home. This is the best feeling and one that I want to continue feeling. 

One of the most simple steps to finally conquer clutter is to keep decluttering. Make a space to get rid of things. As you find stuff in your home that you no longer need put it in the box to donate. Broken or damaged things immediately get rid of. 

My last of the simple steps to finally conquer clutter is to set limits for things coming back in. No matter how hard you try you aren’t going to stop your family from having stuff. We need a certain amount of things in our homes. It’s a matter of not going over the line from a regular amount to a cluttered amount. 

I have found that doing a donation of toys that are no longer played with right before holidays keep the number of toys down. I also do regular purging of clothing that my daughter has grown out of to either give to younger family members or donate. 

Also, it really helps to set a one in one out rule for your own clothes and belongings. If you get a new shirt then get rid of a shirt, don’t just keep adding to your close until it’s stuffed.

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