Christmas Storage: How to Organize and Store Your Christmas Décor

Is it time to pack away Christmas decor? Here are the best Christmas storage ideas to pack it all away safely and neatly organized.

boxes with Christmas decor for storage

Christmas decorating is very exciting. It’s a bummer when it’s time to take it all down. When the time comes to store it all away, you want to ensure everything is packed safely so there is no damage and you can enjoy your Christmas decorations again next year.

Christmas storage solutions can get expensive, and sometimes, at the end of the season, when it’s time to pack up, everything is cleared off the shelves. Thankfully, you have items around the house that work great for Christmas storage. Here is how you can put away the Holidays and organize them without breaking your bank.

Why Is Christmas Storage Important

Christmas decor is an investment. Trees, ornaments, wreaths, garlands, and other decorations can add up. The idea is to use the same decor for several years, even a lifetime.

Storing the decor properly helps protect it from breaking and keeps moisture, mold, and mildew away. Plus, isn’t it nice to know exactly where everything is when it’s time to make the house jolly again next year?

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Christmas Decor Storage Supplies

Vacuum Seal Bags

Vacuum seal bags are great for all things fabric – tree skirts, stockings, tablecloths, pillows, and throw blankets. They work by sucking all the air out of a storage bag, which causes the items to shrink down to a compact easy-to-store size.

Cardboard Tubes

Save the cardboard tubes from paper towels, toilet paper and even wrapping paper. You can use them to wrap extension cords, Christmas lights, garlands, and more!

Storage Bins

You can use either clear or color co-ordinated. Clear storage bins make it easy to see the contents making them easy to find. Choosing colored bins to match the Holidays makes it easier to know which ones belong to Christmas decor. Green and red work well for Christmas. And you can use orange for Halloween!


Labels make everything organized and easy to find. Make a habit of labeling everything. Here are some ideas:

  • Use index cards to write what is inside the box and then tape the card to the outside. You can also use painter’s tape for this but it can look a little messy.
  • Purchase a label maker and print out labels to stick to bins. 
  • Print out labels on computer paper and tape them to your storage bins. 
  • Use chalkboard stickers you can write on. These can be erased and reused again.
  • Buy sheets of blank all-purpose label stickers to write on. 

Make sure to place a label on at least two sides of a bin so if you need to reorganize and move things around, you can still see it.

Christmas Tree Storage

People stuffing Christmas Tree into a red storage bag

If you use an artificial Christmas tree, storing it can be daunting. Proper Christmas tree storage is essential for a healthy artificial tree that looks new every holiday season. Storing the Christmas tree in a storage bag or bin is the best option to keep it clean and looking new. Here are our favorite Christmas tree storage bags.

Ornament Storage

ornament storage bag

It is crucial to protect ornaments made of glass and other precious tree trimmings with sentimental value. Ornament storage boxes are the most popular storage solution you can buy. Here are some of our favorites:

If you are looking for budget-friendly options, there are many items around the house that can be used to safely store ornaments. Here are some ideas:

Egg Cartons

Styrofoam and cardboard egg cartons work well for small ornaments if they fit comfortably. Opt for Styrofoam for the best protection. 

Plastic Disposable Cups

Using hot glue, secure as many cups as you need to a sturdy piece of cardboard. You can then fill the cups with ornaments and place the box inside a plastic bin or just add a lid. You can also add tissue paper for extra cushion.

Christmas Lights Storage

Lights are everything during the holidays. However, they are one of the worst things to store away for the year. They up quickly if they are shoved into a box or on a shelf. Instead, here are some Christmas light storage ideas to make it easy to store them without tangling:

Coffee Cans

Collect a few coffee cans and wrap strings of lights around them for easy storage. You can use plastic or metal cans. 

Pieces of Cardboard

Cut up a strip from a cardboard box and wrap lights around it. You can then stack the pieces in a box for storage. Paper towel tubes or the tube inserts inside wrapping paper work really well, too!

Christmas Light Reels

christmas lights on reels

You can purchase Christmas light reels, plastic wheels designed to wrap up your lights, and then put them into a storage bag that usually comes with the reels. It’s a neat solution to keep your holiday lights safe. 

Wreath Storage

Wreath stroage bags

Wreaths often have delicate features, such as ornaments, twigs, berries, flowers, etc. When properly cared for, you can hang the same Christmas wreath year after year. One of the easiest ways to store a wreath is with a wreath storage box that safely holds your wreath. You may also choose a wreath storage bag with handles for carrying or hanging in the storage room.  

If you want to keep it simple, you can place them carefully in a simple storage bin that is large enough to accommodate them.

Gift Wrap Storage

gift wrap storage box

Gift wrap includes more than just wrapping paper. It includes gift bags, tissue, ribbons, and more.

One of the options is to get a gift wrap storage for behind the door which has space for everything. However, this can be too small for your needs and you may not want to occupy the back of a room door or closet door with this.

Here are a few more ideas to tame your gift-wrapping supplies so you can easily find them next holiday season:

Wrapping Paper

The problem with wrapping paper is the loose ends that flop around once the roll loosens. Here are a few ideas to keep it under control:

  • Use Garment bags. Line up several rolls in a garment bag and hang the bag where it’s out of the way until the holidays. 
  • Underbed storage is always a favorite since it puts items out of sight and mind until needed. Fill an under-bed storage box to hold rolls of wrapping paper. You can even build one yourself.

Gift Bags

Gift bags come in many shapes and sizes, making them difficult to store neatly. You can use magazine holders that can easily hold the gift bags. Or, you can stack them up in bin or inside a closet. Organize according to season, color, and size to make them easy to store and find. You can even buy a gift bag organizer.


If you put all your loose ribbon in a box with a lid, chances are you will end up with a knotted mess next Christmas. Ribbon organizers are great to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

Here’s our favorite easy DIY ribbon storage idea:

  • Use storage crates with holes in them like these. You can also find these at the Dollar Store.
  • Cut dowel rods to fit inside each crate.
  • Slide ribbon rolls onto the dowel rods and stack them inside the crate.
  • Pull a small amount of each ribbon out through the holes, and you can easily pull it out when needed. 

Best Storage Location

boxes filled with christmas decor and labeled.

Three common places are the attic, basement, or garage. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each.

Attic Storage

Attics are sometimes a forgotten but useful space for Christmas decorations. One of the greatest benefits is that nobody sees the attic until they need something, so when you use it for storage, it truly is out of sight, out of mind. However, there are a few negatives:

  • Attics are inconvenient to get to. They usually require climbing up a ladder, which is difficult when carrying bins and things. Or, they are off an upstairs room with low ceilings, making it impossible to stand up straight. 
  • It’s tough to regulate the temperature in an attic, which leaves your storage in extreme cold and heat. 
  • Attic floors are often unsuitable to handle a lot of weight, limiting the amount of Christmas décor you can store in the attic.

Basement Storage

Basements are the most popular place to tuck away holiday decor. They are usually roomy and perfect for sturdy shelves to place bins on. However, basements retain a lot of moisture, so remember to include a dehumidifier near the storage area.

Garage Storage

If you have room in a garage, it’s a great space to store Christmas decor. You can store the decor on storage shelves or overhead storage shelves. However, they also go through extreme temperature changes.

Where do you store your Christmas Decor?

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