15 Best Chores for Tweens and Teens

As parents, it’s important to instill the values of responsibility and self-discipline in our children. Chores are one of the best ways to do this. When kids are given age-appropriate tasks suited to their maturity and development level, they learn to take ownership of their actions and develop good work habits.

Many tasks suitable for tweens and teens can help them learn important life skills such as responsibility, self-discipline, time management, and cooperation. Depending on the child’s maturity level, you can assign them any number of tasks around the home

Let’s explore the importance of teaching kids responsibility & self-discipline through age-appropriate chores and tips on helping them understand the value of hard work with these 15 chores for tweens and teens.

1. Doing Laundry and Putting It Away

teen girl taking clothes out of a dryer
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Your tween or teen is at an age where they can and should be able to do their laundry. Learning how to do laundry is an important life skill for both boys and girls. Does this mean you never do their laundry again? That would be nice, but you can still do their laundry when needed. Teach them how to use the washing machine and dryer properly and set them on the road to independence.

2. Setting the Table

Teen and tween setting the table
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Setting the table for dinner is an easy task that your child can do to help out at dinner time. Eating at the dinner table can be hard to fit in with household members’ activities, but this time encourages family values and teaches your child that quality time with family is important.

3. Clearing the Table

Teen boy clearing the table
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Clearing the table after dinner teaches tweens and teens how to clean up and helps them learn where everything goes in the kitchen. Not only does after-dinner clean-up go smoother, but they can also have pride in knowing they are helping you get the job done.

4. Washing the Dishes

Teen girl washing dishes
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Washing dishes in the sink is a dreaded chore for everyone, but if you don’t have a dishwasher, it’s the perfect chore for your tween or teen. Giving them the chore of doing dishes will teach them responsibility.

5. Loading/Unloading the Dishwasher

teen boy loading the dishwasher
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Having a dishwasher will make the chore of doing dishes easier. Let your child load and unload the dishwasher as a daily chore they are responsible for. You can set days for them to do it and do it yourself on other days when they may have homework or activities to attend.

6. Vacuuming

Teen girl vacuuming a bedroom rug
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Once your child gets old enough, vacuuming is a great chore for them to do. It’s a once-a-week task that they can do easily without much protest.

7. Dusting

Teen girl dusting a bookcase
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Dusting is a great chore for tweens and teens as it teaches them responsibility and attention to detail while providing a sense of accomplishment in maintaining a clean and healthy living environment.

8. Sweeping and Mopping the Floors

tween girl mopping the floor
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Sweeping and mopping are perfect chores for teens, and they will help teach them life skills such as organization, time management, and physical coordination. Assigned as a weekly chore, they will be likelier to do it without much protest.

9. Feeding Pets

Teen girl feeding a dog
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Feeding family pets teaches responsibility for another living thing, a great life skill to teach your tween and teen. You may have to feed them when your child participates in activities, so keep a chore chart to keep you on track.

10. Walking Pets

Teen girl walking a dog
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Walking family pets is a great exercise for your tween or teen, and your pet will always be up for a walk. Plan a route so you know where they will be and be aware of how long it should take to ensure their safety.

11. Washing the Car

Teen girl washing a car
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Save money by giving your teen the chore of washing the family car. It will teach them to have an eye for details and give them a sense of pride when the car is all clean and looking great.

12. Helping With Cooking

Tween girl helping doing the cooking
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While we don’t encourage letting teens cook an entire meal without supervision, they can help you prep and cook a meal for your family. Cooking is a life skill that both girls and boys should learn.

13. Help Put Groceries Away

teen girl helping her mom put groceries away
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Putting groceries away is always easier with help. Your tween or teen can help you put them away to make this chore quicker. It will also teach them how to organize.

14. Take Out Trash

Teen boy taking out the trash
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Taking out the trash is a chore no one likes to do, but it has to be done. Giving this chore to your teen will teach them responsibility and keep your house clean and free from odors.

15. Simple Yard Tasks Like Mowing the Lawn, Clearing the Weeds

Teen boy mowing the grass
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Older teens can mow the lawn and will enjoy doing it. Contributing to the upkeep of your home will give them pride in a job well done. Younger teens and tweens can help you by weeding flower beds.

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