Cheap Ways to Have an Organized Home on a Budget

I want to be more organized. To try and be more organized than I was in the past. I also find myself wanting to buy all the pretty organizing things. Things we just can’t afford. Which is why I’ve spent time figuring out How it’s possible to have an organized home on a budget. It’s not actually that hard and even though we may not be able to buy everything that we want.  my home and your home can still be organized and look great. 

Since moving into a new home I really want to make my home more organized and beautiful. I’m also on a fairly tight budget. So until money worries are less I can’t spend a lot on storage bins, baskets, and decor. So what can you do if you are like me and are wondering How it’s possible to have an organized home on a budget. here are a few ideas to try out. 

Use things to organize that you already own 

 When you are reorganizing a room or area of your home check out what you have around your house that you can use in that space. Maybe some boxes or jars that you had planned to use in one place and didn’t so they are sitting in a closet somewhere or your garage. Pull them out and put them to use. Also things you have already paid for don’t hurt your budget and it makes what you spent on them worth more if you are actually putting the objects to use. Reusing items is one of the best ways to make it possible to have an organized home on a budget. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gotten things for a project that never ended up being done. So use those things in a different area. I bought these cute blue canisters that I was going to use in our old pantry and they just don’t work in our new home so I’m using them to hold stuff in my bedroom. They are pretty and it’s better to use them somewhere else than not use them and let them just stay in storage. 

Check Out the Dollar Store

You can find some great things at the dollar store. If you are making over your bathroom or kitchen head to the dollar store and see what they have that you can use to organize. I have found cute little baskets, drawer organizers, and jars that I have used to organize. Save your money for the big things and get the simple storage and organization items you need for less.
If you want some more great ideas on how to use stuff you find at the dollar store to organize. Check out this fantastic post of Dollar store organization ideas. 

Upcycle some organization 

I’ve done a little bit of this before. Such as with making cans pretty to store pens in and reusing jars to organize stuff in the office. I know there are so many other ideas of turning trash into treasure. Check out these thrifty organization ideas I found.
With upcycling, it’s about learning to be creative with items that you may not think of as organizers. Such as jars, boxes, cans, etc. 

Budget for the Big Projects

Sometimes you are going to want to do big things to organize your home that you will need to spend money on. Those projects will need to be budgeted for and make take time. I really want to do some major work in our garage with some nice garage shelving. I’d love to be able to store things better and be able to find them easier. 
Unfortunately doing a task like a garage is not something we can afford right now. So it goes on the budget and I can slowly save up enough to get the garage I want done and paid for. I’m trying to stay focused on the fact that it’s better to stick with our budget and save for the things we want. 

Get rid of clutter

My very favorite way to organize is actually a free way to organize. It’s by having less stuff. You and your home will be happier with less. The less clutter you have the nicer and more organized your home will be. If you don’t know where to start decluttering. Check out 100 things you should get rid of today. Too often we try to organize by bringing in more stuff when in reality things look better when you get rid of things. 
I have found that it’s not hard to still have a nice and organized home while sticking to a budget. It just calls for some more creativity and thinking outside the box. Your home can be what you want and function better if you keep it organized and not having money shouldn’t stop you from having your best home.  I hope this post helps you to realize that it is possible to have an organized home on a budget. 

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Anika Gandhi is on a mission to declutter and organize all the things around her and is here to inspire and encourage you to do the same!

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