15 Decor Trends That Scream “Boomer”!

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, each generation leaves its mark on the history of home decor. The Boomer generation, known for its bold cultural statements, was no exception. We’ve all seen them; many of us grew up visiting grandparents with shag carpets, avocado-colored appliances, and china hutches full of collectibles.

Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. They have lived through the Vietnam War and Woodstock. Their parents, the Silent Generation, experienced the Great Depression, fostering frugal living that caused Boomers to hold onto anything and everything they had. You might say it caused a hoarder mindset when you think about all the collectibles in your grandma’s china hutch.

Boomers became interior design rebels. More is more was the golden rule. Covering hardwood floors with orange shag carpet, wallpapering walls with bold patterns, and picking loud patterned linoleum for the kitchen and bathroom in green and gold. I can see you cringing right now just thinking about it! Certain decor trends from the Boomer era have become relics of the past, thank goodness, causing us to wonder what in the world they were thinking.

Check out these 15 design trends that scream Boomer, and do a happy dance that they are in the rearview mirror!

1. Porcelain Collectibles

Porcelain Collectibles over a gray background
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Grandma’s china hutch was, or may still be, full of figurines. They come in all shapes and sizes, and some are even collections. They only get taken out once or twice a year for dusting, and the dust accumulates, causing you to sneeze just thinking about it. Grandma is probably trying to give some of them to you now to weed out her collection. No, thank you, Grandma! There may be a time when you thought these were cute. Well, they may be, but not in your home.

2. Old Electronics

old electronics passed with time
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Electronics weren’t cheap when Boomers finally started buying them; giving them up is hard for them. The big bulky design of TVs and computers has come and gone, and that ancient desktop computer sitting on a desk in the corner of the room has no place in modern design. They have been replaced with laptops and tablets that don’t have to have a special place in the home. TVs are now slim and can be hung on the wall so they don’t take up floor space, and boom boxes are a thing of the past now that you can stream your favorite music from your phone.

3. Patterned couches and chairs

patterned coach screaming boomers over a white background
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Patterened couches and sofas make the home look kitschy at best. Floral sofas and loveseats are the epitome of boomer. The most well-known floral sofas of the Boomer Age were gold and scratchy. Remember the large plaid pattern in brown and gold with wooden arms? Thankfully, fabrics have evolved for upholstery, and that scratchy fabric of the past is no more.

4. Vertical Plastic Blinds

cat peeping out of vertical blinds
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Vertical blinds have changed over the years, but one thing that has remained the same about the plastic variety is their cheap design. Vertical blinds were popular because they could cover a large window or sliding glass door inexpensively, but the cheap plastic material broke just as easily.

5. Jetted Tubs

clean jetted tub
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Oversized jetted tubs were all the rage through the 1980s and 90s, but it’s time to say bye-bye to these monstrous tubs. The new homebuyer can be wary of the oversized jetted tub. They take up too much space, they break easily, and the jets are hard to clean. Many new homeowners opt for more aesthetically pleasing free-standing tubs or remove the tubs altogether for more oversized showers.

6. Curio Cabinets/ Large Wooden Hutches

Large brown cabinet in dining room
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If there is one thing boomers love, it is displaying all of their knick-knacks and fine china in curio cabinets and wooden hutches. These cabinets have gone out of style with the rise of a more minimalist, uncluttered lifestyle. A curio cabinet and wooden hutch take up space and can become dusty, and displaying glass cabinets full of dusty clutter isn’t all the rage.

7. Word Wall Art

Live laugh love at the top of kitchen cabinets
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Gone are the days of “Live, Laugh, Love.” This popular boomer trend of word wall art, which peaked in the 2010s, seems to be fading into obscurity as quickly as it came in. Interior design experts say the word wall art trend lacks personality and creativity. If you want a replacement, consider a classic photo wall instead.

8. Lava Lamps

bright lava lamps
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It is hard to remember when the lava lamp was the epitome of style, but the 1970s had some groovy trends. Thankfully, the lava lamp has faded to an obscure fever dream, but it seems there is a stray one in every boomer’s home. Though other lamps, like Tiffany lamps, are making a comeback, I don’t foresee the lava lamp becoming more than a dorm room decoration.

9. Tuscan Kitchens

tuscan kitchen
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With its overly warm brown tones throughout, the Tuscan kitchen is one trend we are not sad to see go. This trend was popular during the house-flipping shows of the early 2000s, but homeowners are leaning towards a more airy feel with kitchen design now. The Tuscan kitchen trend can be easily tamed with a few coats of paint and a new backsplash.

10. Formal Dining/ Sitting Rooms

Red formal dining room
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Every boomer home has that room where the kids can’t hang out, and it seems to be a shrine to unused furniture and decorative knick-knacks. The formal dining room and sitting room are trends going out of style, and rightfully so. A room that only gets used a few times a year seems like a waste of space, and homeowners today would rather have a playroom, craft room, or designated workspace.

11. Sponge-Painted Walls

sponge painted wall
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Sponge-painted walls were an attempt to add dimension and texture to flat walls using only differing shades of paint, and while it was creative in the 90s, it’s time to let the trend go. If you want dimension and texture on your walls, try more timeless options like wainscotting and picture molding.

12. Linoleum Floors

kitchen with linoleum floors
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Linoleum was durable and inexpensive during the height of its popularity, and boomers jumped on the trend quickly. New homeowners prefer the aesthetic of natural materials like stone and hardwood over the plastic quality of linoleum flooring, and we are not sad to see the time of layers and layers of linoleum be a thing of the past.

13. Wallpaper Borders

wallpaper border in bedroom
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Nothing says a boomer master bedroom like a floral wallpaper border wrapped around the entire room. This design aesthetic fell off in the 90s, but some people are not as quick to let the trend go. Newer generations prefer a more minimalistic style or bold wallpaper on the entire wall.

14. Doilies

doilies on a vanity
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Doilies were once used to protect wooden furniture from scratches caused by vases and lamps, but now do they even have a use? Every boomer end table drawer has a collection of doilies waiting to be used, but this outdated trend is another form of clutter, and today, the less clutter, the better. However, turning these doilies into unique wall art can bring a bit of vintage luxury to a space.

15. Popcorn Ceilings

light on a popcorn ceiling
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We can all agree popcorn ceilings are the worst trend ever to become popular, and now new homeowners have to take on the messy task of removing this textured ceiling. Initially, it was a technique to hide imperfections, but the texture catches and traps dust and is very tough to clean. Removing the popcorn ceiling is the way to go if you want a more modern finish.

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