7 Best Christmas Tree Bags for Storage

It is extremely important to store your artificial Christmas Tree in a good bag to protect it and use it every year to make the most of it. Here are the best Christmas Tree Bags for storage and why we like them.

People stuffing Christmas Tree into a red storage bag

It seems like you prepare all year for the holidays only to have December fly by, and suddenly, it’s over. What’s left is crumpled wrapping paper, twinkling lights, and a massive tree in the living room. You may have just finished decorating, and now it’s time to think about storage solutions so you can protect your tree and use it again next season. 

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Best Christmas Tree Bags – Our Top Picks

Detailed reviews for each of these bags are below.

Artificial trees need special care to enable them to last for several Christmases. You could just plop your tree down in the basement or the corner of the garage; however, you’ll risk buying a new tree next year when you find it wasn’t protected well enough. And then there is always the box that the tree came in. Why not just stuff it back in there? Well, that box was designed for a tightly condensed artificial tree so it could easily ship. Once you take it out, it never goes back to how it came. 

Christmas tree bags are the best storage for a healthy tree you can use repeatedly. They’re easy to use and convenient, and many storage bags have handles for simple carrying. 

What to Look For in a Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Before you decide how to store your artificial Christmas tree, knowing what to look for is helpful. The most important factors are size, cost, material, and ease of use. 

  • Size – The size of your tree will determine what size storage bag you need. If you prefer not to disassemble the tree, that will limit your choices; however, when disassembling, there are many options. Choose a storage bag with dimensions that comfortably fit your tree. You don’t want to force a larger tree into a small bag. 
  • Cost – Stick within your budget when shopping for Christmas tree storage bags. Overpaying isn’t necessary since there are plenty of storage bags to choose from. Still, you also don’t want to underpay and get something that will only last a year. 
  • Materials – Protecting your artificial trees from water damage, humidity, and pests is essential. The material of a storage bag is extremely important to protect from these factors. Excellent waterproof and moisture-resistant material is more likely to result in a tree that is like new every year.
  • Ease of Use – Do you prefer a storage bag that can be wheeled to its spot in storage, or would you rather carry it and save a little money by purchasing a simple model with no wheels? It’s personal preference, and both options work fine. Your comfort level will determine the need for wheels or no wheels. 

Little things like double zippers and optimal space inside the bag also play a role in how easy it is to use the storage bag. 

No matter which storage solution you choose, it’s important to understand how to put a Christmas tree in a storage bag. Pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions when you get your new Christmas tree storage bag so the tree and the bag both aren’t damaged. 

Christmas Tree Storage Bag Reviews

When it’s time to say goodbye to another successful Christmas, follow our guide for the best Christmas tree bag storage solutions, and never worry again about how to store your artificial tree.

1. Elf Stor Premium Rolling Duffel Christmas Tree Storage Bag – Best Overall 

Gree ElfStore Christmas Tree Storage Bag
Image Credit: Amazon

What we like

  • Enough room for a tall tree
  • Protection from mildew and moisture
  • Wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Clean lines with a rectangular shape
  • Reasonable price with so many features

What weDont like

  • Not rigid; it Could lose its shape

Our top pick is the Elf Stor Premium Duffel Christmas Tree Storage Bag at a great price for its impressive storage capabilities. It offers every feature you need for Christmas tree storage and then some.

The 600-denier nylon canvas is coated in thermoplastic, which means it will survive life in storage with little risk. Plus, the impressive material is mildew- and moisture-resistant, so there are no worries if the tree lives in the basement all year. 

Don’t worry if your tree is very tall. The Elf Stor Premium Duffel can handle a disassembled tree up to 9 feet tall. We found the zippers to work very well and feel like they would stand the test of time, unlike flimsy zippers that give out quickly. 

The bag is rectangular in shape; however, don’t let that fool you. The sides aren’t stiff. The duffel is flexible, but it holds its shape nicely. One of the biggest perks is the choice of carrying the bag after the tree is loaded. There’s a set of wheels so you can roll it into storage, and there are also extra-long carrying straps to make lifting a cinch. 

Best of all – The Elf Stor Duffel is reasonably priced in the middle of the road.

2. Pottery Barn Upright Tree Storage Bag With Rolling Tree Stand – Biggest Splurge

Upright Christmas Tree Storage bag from Pottery Barn
Image Credit: Pottery Barn

What we like

  • No need to disassemble
  • Water-resistant polyester storage bag.
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Compresses discreetly below the tree when not in use.
  • Rolling storage!

What weDont like

  • Expensive
  • Need different size bags for different trees.
  • May be a little awkward to carry

If you want to make minimal effort to pack and unpack, this Pottery Barn Storage Bag with Rolling Tree Stand is the best bet!

It has a linear design, so you can easily pack the tree without disassembling it. And guess what?! When you need to use the tree, the bag folds down and discreetly compresses below the tree. A tree skirt can hide the bag, so you’ll never know! When it is time to pack up the tree, pull the bag over it, zip it up, and you are done!

It comes with a rolling tree stand that stays attached to the tree so you can move it around easily. It does have straps, too, if you need to carry it. It also has extra pockets that can easily store lights and ornaments.

The water-resistant material is perfect to protect the tree and doesn’t puncture easily. It comes in various sizes so you have to be sure to pick the size that works for your tree.

Our favorite part is that the materials are responsibly and sustainably sourced.

3. Tiny Tim Totes Upright Christmas Tree Canvas Cover Bag – No Disassembly

Budget friendly upright Christmas Tree Bag
Image Credit: Amazon

What we like

  • Lightweight 
  • No tree disassembly
  • Water-resistant
  • Great price

What weDont like

  • May be awkward to carry an assembled tree.
  • Not a compact design

If you want a tree bag that you don’t have to disassemble without the price tag, the Tiny Tim Totes Upright Christmas Tree Canvas Cover Bag may be your answer. You throw the Tiny Tim cover over it and add the straps.

The bag is made from high-grade, water-resistant canvas and uses a zipper closure, so you have plenty of space to maneuver the tree into the bag before closing it up. The straps to cinch the bag tight after covering the tree give added protection during storage. 

Use the cover for a small or taller tree up to 9 feet. You can even cover other items with it, such as greenery or Christmas topiaries.

Feel free to keep your tree on the stand, and maybe even leave the ornaments on as well if you’d really like a shortcut to decorating next Christmas. The bag is nice and light, so once the tree is covered, carry it in one piece to storage. Our favorite part? The price is a steal!


4. Treekeeper Greenskeeprer Christmas Tree Storage Bag – Extra Large

Large Christmas Tree Storage Bag
Image Credit: Amazon

What we like

  • Tough outer shell
  • Extra-large capacity
  • Oversized wheels
  • Reinforced handles
  • Sturdy frame

What weDont like

  • Expensive
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Hard to maneuver alone

If you have a Christmas tree that makes jaws drop when guests walk in, the TreeKeeper GreensKeeper Christmas Tree Storage Bag is for you. It holds trees up to 15 feet tall, so there is room for a huge tree and multiple smaller ones and other greenery and decorations. 

The GreensKeeper is almost a box rather than a bag, thanks to the steel frame that helps the canvas body maintain its rectangular shape. The handles are reinforced for extra strength as you carry the extra-large bag to storage, and the oversized wheels make moving it from place to place a cinch. Plus, the thick canvas prevents moisture from ruining your Christmas tree while it sits in storage waiting to go on display.

The GreensKeeper requires more space than other storage solutions; however, if you have the room, it’s well worth it. The roomy bag takes a bit extra maneuvering because of how large it is, so plan on a second set of hands when packing it for the new year.

You get what you pay for, and the TreeKeeper GreensKeeper is a bit expensive. With its excellent construction, sturdy frame, extra-large capacity, tough canvas shell, and oversized wheels, you’ll use it over and over for years. You might even employ the GreensKeeper to store more than Christmas trees and decorations. 

Overall, the TreeKeeper GreensKeeper is an excellent investment for a lifetime of artificial tree storage. 

5. Homeitusa Christmas Tree Storage Tote – Best for Moisture Protection

HomeItUSA christmas tree storage bag in green.
Image Credit: Target

What we like

  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Carrying handles

What weDont like

  • Limited to 8-foot trees
  • No wheels

It’s important to consider your climate when choosing a Christmas tree storage bag. High-humidity areas pose a greater risk for mildew and mold to form. The HomeItUsa Christmas Tree Storage Tote helps protect your artificial Christmas Tree from moisture, mildew, and mold. 

The material on this bag is PVC-coated nylon, which means rain, humidity, and the occasional roof leak doesn’t stand a chance. Many storage solutions are moisture resistant; however, the HomeItUsa Christmas Tree Storage Tote is moisture-proof. Plus, PVC-coated nylon is a tough material, making it highly resistant to accidental tears. 

It has double zippers and a flat side pocket. The flat side pocket is perfect for last-minute small additions, such as small parts or instructions that go with the tree. 

This duffel does not have wheels. That shouldn’t be a problem since it is a smaller option, holding trees up to only 8 feet tall. The reinforced handles make it easy to lift onto a storage shelf or up to the attic.

6. Zober Large Christmas Storage Bag – Budget-Friendly

Best christmas tree bag that is budget friendly.
Image Credit: Amazon

What we like

  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Carrying handles

What weDont like

  • Limited to 8-foot trees
  • No wheels

Who doesn’t love a great deal? The Zober Large Christmas Storage Bag is the best bang for your buck. You really can’t go wrong with this waterproof, moisture-resistant storage bag. It holds a tree up to 9 feet tall, which is impressive at this price point. 

The Zober is easy to work with as you wrestle your disassembled tree into the bag since it doesn’t have a frame, and the dual zippers make it easy to open and close the bag as needed. There are no wheels on this storage bag; however, the nice lightweight design makes it easy to carry and lift to wherever you need it. Plus, the handles are reinforced for extra strength. You’ll be able to use this budget-friendly storage solution for many Christmases. 

The various Christmas color options, including red and green, are a nice perk.

7. Ez Roller Expandable Tree Bag – Best Mid-Range

Christmas Tree Bag with expandable front and wheels
Image Credit: The Container Store

What we like:

  • Effortless maneuvering
  • Stores trees 9′-12′ tall
  • Rugged construction
  • Zippered expandable end

What weDont like

  • Not upright

The EZ Roller Expandable Tree Bag is a great storage solution at a decent mid-range price and includes a lot of great features that are extremely useful.

It has a patented design with strong polyester making it less prone to rips. The nylon webbing handles are extra sturdy and durable to help carry the tree to and from storage.

Our favorite feature has to be a toss between the sold metal axle and polypropylene wheels that are easy to maneuver around and the expandable end. The bag can accomodate trees between 9′ and 12′ tall. Of cours,e if you have a shorter tree, you can use the bag to store other decor items like garlands, lights and ornaments. The number of features available on this tree bag for the price is a great deal!

Our favorite is the Elf Stor Premium Rolling Duffel Christmas Tree Storage Bag for its impressive price point, quality, size, and ease of use; however, each storage bag we checked out is well worth your consideration. Choose the storage solution that suits your lifestyle, budget, and tree. No matter what, enjoy each holiday and keep creating beautiful memories. 

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