The Best Black Friday Deals for Home Organization

Every year there are so many great deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are deals for everything you can imagine and I’m finding some great things on sale for better prices than I’ve ever seen.

There are deals for everything and I don’t want to overwhelm you with all the deals out there. So these are the best deals I’ve found for the home, organization and productivity.

Get some for yourself and your home or as gifts for Christmas.

Amazon Fire TV Stick When we stopped using cable a few years ago it was a pain to use all of our streaming services. That’s when we got a firestick for our bedroom which made it much more convenient to watch Netflix and Hulu as well as all the great stuff Amazon offers. We loved it so much we got a second stick for our living room. They are inexpensive and make life much easier.

Kindle Fire Tablet This is actually my daughter’s tablet but I love using it too. She is getting a laptop for school this year since she will be in 7th grade and having her own computer is becoming more necessary. So I get to have her tablet which is perfect for all the reading I love to do.

Echo Dot Last Christmas I gave a dot to my husband and I knew he would love it but I didn’t realize how much we all would end up loving it too. It’s just so helpful for playing music, setting timers while cooking, and finding out the weather. We have three of these. It’s so helpful and we like them all around. One in the master bedroom, one in the kitchen and one in my daughter’s room.

Slow Cooker  Believe it or not, I am not the cook in our family. Isabella may only be 12 but she is already much better at cooking than I am. If I do cook though I want it to be as easy and simple as possible. That’s why I love having a slow cooker. You can make so many tasty meals with a slow cooker and the best part is that you get it ready in the morning and leave it alone and by dinner time your meal is ready to go.

Instant Pot Although I’m a fan of and love my slow cooker I really wanted to get an Instant Pot. I’ve heard rave reviews on them for months. Then this summer while visiting my parents I got to see theirs and was impressed with how easy it was to use and how good dinner was. So I finally got one and if you don’t have one get it because it makes dinner so much easier.

Echo Show– Since we don’t live near family and spend a lot of time video chatting with our families, I really want to get this Echo Show to be able to video call with our relatives more easily.

Amazon Prime Deals for the home

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