Bathroom Cleaning Hacks that will Change your Life!

We’ve been talking about Spring Cleaning the last few weeks during this series and today I want to talk about how to deep clean your bathroom.  I find the bathrooms to be one of the most important rooms in the house to spring clean. It’s one of my least favorite rooms to clean but it’s a necessary task that is a part of cleaning our homes. These tips will help you to spring clean your bathroom with ease. 

  1. Soak shower heads and faucets in a bag of vinegar. 
  2. Keep a Magic Eraser in the shower to clean
  3. Use Command Hooks to keep your trash can liner in place
  4. Prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging.
  5. Polish chrome and stainless-steel fixtures with shaving cream.
  6. Quiet a squeaky door or cabinet.
  7. Keep a soap-dispensing dish brush in the shower to clean on the fly. 
  8. Squeegee glass shower doors after every shower.
  9.  Keep a jar of rice and essential oils in the bathroom to reduce odors.
  10. Put silica gel packets in the medicine cabinet to reduce humidity inside.
  11. Dampen a used dryer sheet and use it to clean soap scum. 
  12.  Magic Eraser for Rings in Toilet

Step 1: Do a declutter

You need to start with a clear space before you get to cleaning. So take a bit and do a decluttering of your bathrooms and return things to their proper places. If you are stuck for ideas of what to declutter in the bathroom head over to 100 things you can throw out today. The bathroom section will give you a few ideas of what you can toss. 

Also if dealing with clutter is a struggle for you then check out my How to be Clutter-Free ebook. I struggled with clutter for years and finally figured out how to deal with having too much. Having less clutter has made being organized so much easier and our home less stressful. 

Step 2: Gather your tools

Having good tools can make a big difference in getting your home cleaned with less effort. In the bathroom I find a squeegee to be super helpful in cleaning my shower. So make sure to have your cleaning kit put together so that you can bring it into the bathroom with you. 

Step 3: Clean storage areas

These areas are your medicine cabinets and any other cabinets that your bathroom has. Take everything out and wipe it down and wipe down each item before you put them back. That way aren’t putting dirt and grime back into your clean cabinets. 

Step 4: Clean your surfaces

Now that you have cleaned off your counters of any clutter it will be time to clean them. I use a multi-purpose cleaner and a sponge to clean mine. It will really depend on the type of counter that your bathroom has. Ther are tons of cleaners you can purchase as well as lots of homemade options. 

If you have tiles in your bathroom a toothbrush or small brush can be very helpful when cleaning the grout. Use bleach with your brush and scrub them. Then wipe down with warm water. This will help your bathroom look much cleaner with clean grout and tiles. 

Step 5: Cleaning your mirrors and sinks

Clean the entire sink surface with a nonabrasive cleanser. This includes the neglected underside of a pedestal sink. Clean the faucet, handles and sink stopper with glass cleaner.

To keep your bathroom looking new, you should wash and dry the mirrors with a soft cloth or microfiber towel. If there are stubborn stains on them, try using diluted household cleaner before wiping off any soap residue to avoid damaging hard-to clean surfaces like porcelain tile walls below taps; make sure all excess liquid goes down pipes so it doesn’t pool anywhere where dirt could accumulate causing mold growth (this includes handles).

Step 6: Clean your shower and tub

We know that your shower is one place you want to keep clean, so we’ll help with the maintenance for it. Make sure everything stays nice and shiny by bringing down any curtains if they are present before cleaning as well!
A dirty tub can really affect how enjoyable using them feels in this space – which also happens to be where most people take their showers nowadays anyways…

Here is a great video from Melissa Maker from Clean my Space on how to clean your bathtub. 

I h

Also, you should clean your toilet during this step. I want to give these homemade toilet bomb’s a try. They seem easy to make and will help make cleaning the toilet an easier chore. 

Step 7: Clean your floors

The last step is to clean your bathroom floors. They seem to get pretty gross. So pick them up and then sweep them or use a vacuum to get rid of dirt. Then spot clean or mop floors and let them dry. 

So I hope that this post has given you the steps to take to spring clean your bathroom. It’s not a hard room to clean but it can be pretty gross and grimy so follow these steps and get it clean. 

There you have it, the steps to spring cleaning your bathroom. It’s not difficult, but many people put this task off because they don’t know how or where to start. I hope that this post has given you some great ideas, and let’s get started! Follow these tips and make your bathroom sparkle again in no time at all!

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