19 Genius Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

Your home’s bathroom can be a breeding ground for bacteria. With all the humid conditions, water, damp towels, and what may or may not be growing in the trash can, keeping it clean is necessary to protect your family’s health. With that being said the bathroom is usually the least favorite room in your house to clean.

We get it and agree! Dirty laundry, soap scum, and toothpaste in the sink. It’s no wonder no one wants to clean the bathroom. How does the saying go? It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it! Here are a few bathroom cleaning hacks that make it a breeze and less of a chore.

1. Vinegar vs. Hard Water Deposits 

hard water buildup on a shower head.
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Vinegar is a great household staple for tackling mineral buildup in your bathroom. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and attach it to your shower head or faucet with a rubber band. Allow it to soak overnight to remove the hard water deposits that develop on the nozzle. The next day flush the shower and surrounding areas well with water to remove any lingering vinegar smell before you shower.

2. Squeegee in the Shower

Woman using a squeegee to remove water droplets.
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Hard water spots and soap scum on your glass shower door got you down? The best way to keep the shower glass clean is to prevent the build-up of the spots in the first place. My favorite hack is to keep a squeegee in the shower. After every shower, use the squeegee on the glass to remove the excess water. Building that habit will cut your bathroom cleaning time exponentially.

3. Rinse With Water & Vinegar

Spray bottle filled with vinegar and water.
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Vinegar is known for cutting through hard water build-up effectively. In your shower, keep a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Once you finish showering, spray it on the enclosure, followed by a quick squeegee. This will keep the hard water and soap scum spots from accumulating.

4. The Magic of the Magic Eraser

Collection of magic erasers.
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Magic Erasers are just that – magic! When you get one wet, the water activates the micro-scrubbers, which work well to remove stains and soap scum from glass. Consider keeping them in your shower to give the shower doors a little scrub down while in the shower to clean water marks on the go.

5. Use Command Hooks for Trash Can Liners

Packages of command hooks.
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It can be frustrating when the trash can liners don’t stay in place. Here is a simple hack – place command hooks upside down on each end of your trash can, and then you can hook the handles of plastic bags on them to keep the bag in place. If your bags don’t have handles, you can use binder clips to hold regular trash bags in place.

6. No More Foggy Mirror

Mirror fogged up in a bathroom
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Mix a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Apply to the mirror using a lint-free microfiber cloth, paper towel, or coffee filter. Wipe dry completely with another cloth. It’s a cheap and easy solution that can keep your mirror clear for up to a week.

7. Polish Fixtures With Shaving Cream

Man adding shaving cream to his hand.
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Apply a thin layer of shaving cream to your chrome or stainless steel bathroom fixtures and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Next, wipe down and buff the fixture using a soft microfiber towel. You can also use shaving cream to clean bathtub fixtures.

8. Clean the Bathroom Fan With a Can of Air

Man holding an air duster.
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The bathroom fan can accumulate a lot of gunk and dust over time. Cleaning it feels like a huge hassle. Use a spray can of air (usually available at an office supply store) and spray it directly into the vent to get rid of the dust. Doing this routinely will keep the grime from building up.

9. Clean Crevices Around Fixtures With a Chopstick

Woman holding chopsticks.
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The areas around faucets and toilet seats can be very hard to get to. Chopsticks can make the perfect solution. Wrap a thin cloth around a chopstick to deep clean vents, grouts, faucets, and other small fixtures and crevices that can be tricky to reach.

10. Rice & Essential Oils to Reduce Odors

Cannister of rice.
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Bathrooms are odor magnets, and when you add teenagers it can feel like they will never smell fresh again. Pick your favorite essential oil scent and add a few drops to a jar of dry rice. This will help reduce bathroom odors and keep your bathroom from smelling like teen spirit. Just refresh the essential oil as needed.

11. Silica Gel to Reduce Humidity

Packets of silica gel.
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The bathroom cabinet stores important medicines and cosmetics that humidity can spoil. Use silica gel packets inside the medicine cabinet to reduce humidity. Make sure to keep them safe from small children and pets to avoid potential danger.

12. Use a Dryer Sheet on Baseboards

Dryer sheets
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Baseboards collect so much dust and debris, especially in corners. Dust mixed with humidity makes for a hard-to-clean combination. Wipe the baseboards down with dryer sheets to keep them dust-free with a bonus clean linen scent.

13. Bar Keepers Friend for Toilet Rings

Bar Keepers Friend under the sink.
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Use Bar Keepers Friend to clean the rings in the toilet bowl. Simply add some Bar Keepers Friend to the toilet and use a toilet brush to clean it quickly. You will be surprised at how little scrubbing is needed.

14. Clean the Bowl Brush

Toilet bowl brush cleaning a toilet.
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The toilet bowl brush is a breeding ground for germs from cleaning your toilet. Once you are done cleaning, pour a little disinfectant into the brush holder before replacing the brush. This will disinfect the brush with no extra work needed.

15. Have a Hamper That Allows for Airflow

Blue hamper filled with dirty laundry.
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Avoid a pile of dirty clothes and wet towels in the bathroom by adding a hamper that allows airflow. Keep the mess off the floor by ensuring everyone does their part picking up any dirty laundry and placing it directly in the hamper.

16. Keep Cleaning Supplies in the Bathroom

Cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink.
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Instead of carrying cleaning supplies to and from the bathroom, keep the supplies you use close by. Use a caddy to organize them and place them under the sink or in an adjacent linen closet if you have one in the bathroom.

17. Use Dental Tablets for Quick and Easy Toilet Bowl Cleaning

Pile of dental cleaning tablets
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Denture tablets foam up and attack stains on dentures, so why not your toilet bowl? Add a couple to your toilet bowl and let them foam up, then use your toilet brush to scrub your toilet clean.

18. Shower Curtain Rotation

White shower curtain
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You can wash your fabric shower curtain or plastic liner in the washing machine for easy clean-up. Be sure to follow the laundry label instructions and do not put the plastic liner in the dryer. Large families will benefit from multiple shower curtains that can be rotated when one is in the wash.

19. Use an Old Toothbrush to Clean Tile Grout

Toothbrush being used to clean grout.
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Don’t throw away your old toothbrushes. Keep them around for cleaning tile grout in the shower. You can use a commercial grout cleaner or make your own from baking soda, peroxide, and dish soap, then scrub the grout lines using an old toothbrush.

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