30 Things to Get Rid of in the Next 30 Days

Decluttering is not for the faint of heart. We spend years accumulating stuff only to look around one day and realize we have too much. Decluttering takes hard work and commitment and you may wonder where to even start.

Decluttering your home has many benefits. You’ll have more space, spend less time cleaning, and be less stressed, just to name a few. The best way to get started is by starting small. You don’t have to go all in and turn your house upside down. Start with one thing at a time; before you know it, you’ll be clutter-free.

We’re challenging you to declutter one thing a day for 30 days. Easy peasy! Here are 30 things to declutter in 30 days to get you started.

1. Broken or Unwanted Magnets

broken fridge magnet over a light gray background
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The kitchen can become the most cluttered place in your home, and if you have kids, your refrigerator is most likely covered in drawings and photos. How many magnets holding those papers in place are broken or ones that you don’t like? Throw them away today.

2. Broken Cooking Utensils

broken wooden cooking stick laid side to side
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Multiple cooking utensils are handy when cooking a holiday dinner, or if you haven’t done dishes in a day or two, but how many are too many? If you have any that are worn or broken, throw them away. Now, decide how many of each type you need. Get rid of extras that you don’t need or never use.

3. Recipe Books

a recipe book set in the kitchen
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Mom and Grandma loved their cookbooks and used them regularly. Nowadays, recipes can be found online, and recipe books occupy valuable space in the kitchen. Get rid of them today. Take a picture of your favorite recipes with your phone so you have it when needed.

4. Novelty Cups

woman holding a reusable novelty cup
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You end up with a plastic cup whenever you go through a drive-thru restaurant and order a drink. Novelty cups are fun, but how many do you need? Pick a favorite for each family member and then toss the rest.

5. Worn Blankets

worn blanket laying on the floor
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Everyone loves a good blanket to snuggle up in, but once they start to fray or have holes, it’s time to let them go. Consider donating them to a local animal shelter to be used in there cages.

6. Magazines and Newspapers

newspapers laying on the table to be tossed
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Most people subscribe to news and magazines online, but if you still receive physical print materials, it’s time to throw away that stack of past issues. Set them out for recycling or take them to your local recycling center.

7. Games With Missing Pieces

Chess game pawns arranged in a heart shape
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Nothing is more frustrating than starting a game only to find some pieces missing. If you can’t find replacement pieces, it’s time to toss the game in the trash.

8. Knick Knacks

china cabinet full of knick knacks
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You spend all your life collecting knick-knacks you love. They may be one-off pieces, or you may have an entire collection. Once they get damaged or you run out of space to add more, it’s time to purge. Choose 2-3 that you truly love and get rid of the rest. Then, use the one-in, one-out method when you buy more.

9. Unused Skincare Products

skincare products on bathroom sink
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Skincare is an important routine, and many of us are guilty of buying the latest and greatest advertised products. Those products pile up, and they don’t all get used. It’s time to clean out that stash and trash any that you don’t use.

10. Expired Medications

female hands holding expired medication by the bin to toss away
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There are conflicting theories about whether or not OTC medications lose their effectiveness after the expiration date. It’s best to be cautious and toss out expired meds. Make sure you are disposing of them properly.

11. Worn Towels and Washcloths

worn white towel on wooden bench
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Worn towels and washcloths need to be thrown away. Unless you cut them up to use for rags, there is no reason to keep them around. Throw them away today and free up space in your towel cabinet.

12. Old Hairbrushes

old used hairbrushes on a white background
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Hairbrushes full of hair that you can’t get out or that have missing nubs on the bristles damage your hair when you use them. It’s hard to let go of your favorite brush, but you need to let it go.

13. Outdated Clothing

woman discarding outdated clothing
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Outdated clothing and items that no longer fit don’t have a place in your closet. Do a serious purge and donate to your local charity.

14. Worn Bedding

torn white bedsheet up for discard
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Bedding with rips and holes looks bad, and the damage will only worsen as you wash it in a washing machine. Check the bedding in your linen closet and only keep sets that are in good condition.

15. Unworn or Damaged Shoes

woman walking around with torn leather shoes
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A comfy pair of shoes is hard to get rid of, but you need to give them up when they have loose soles or rips. Check the shoes in your closet and eliminate all the old shoes today.

16. Old or Unused Purses

old faux leather bag on a white background
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When was the last time you did a good purge of your purses and bags? Get rid of any outdated, dirty, or purses you haven’t used in the last year. Consider donating them to your local thrift store if they still have some life left.

17. Old Pillows

old and stained white pillow
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The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommends replacing your pillow every 1 to 2 years. Pillows collect dust and allergens that can make you sick, and sweat will cause the fabric to turn yellow and look gross. Check your pillows and throw them out if needed.

18. Broken Toys

broken yellow truck toy
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Broken toys can pile up quickly; before you know it, you’ll have a full trash bag. They take up space and won’t get played with, so get rid of them today!

19. Old Crayons and Markers

crayons in the shape of unicorns and dinosaurs
Image Credit: Let’s Craft Instead

Broken crayons are inevitable, but there’s no reason to keep them as is. Consider melting them down in silicone molds to make fun new shapes that can still be used. See how to do it here.

20. Outgrown Children’s Clothing

kid's clothes on hangers
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Children’s clothing, like broken toys, can stack up quickly. You hate to throw them away, but once they outgrow them, find someone to hand them down to or donate them to a local church or charity.

21. Old Textbooks

highlighting text in a text book
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Once you write in a textbook, you can’t sell it back to the bookstore. The longer you have had it, the less likely it is that the version is the most updated for a course anyway. Double-check with the college bookstore first, but if they won’t take it, throw it away. Oh, and any papers or course work you have done for past classes can go, too.

22. Outdated Calendars and Planners

woman writing in a planner
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Some people love a paper planner—we get it! But once the year ends, it’s time to throw out the old one. Do away with a paper planner by going digital, being paperless is eco friendly and you can access your daily calendar on any device.

23. Old Receipts

old receipts laid for display
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Unless you need them for tax purposes, throw your receipts away once you reconcile your bank account. It’s just something that takes up space in your junk drawer. See what else to throw away from your junk drawer here.

24. Charging Cords

hands holding a broken charging cord
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Do you have a drawer full of cords? You’re not alone. Purge that drawer and toss charging cords you can’t use anymore.

25. Old Cans of Paint

leftover paint stored on the shelves in the garage
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Hanging on to a can of paint for touch-ups is understandable, but keeping every can of paint you have ever used is excessive. There are proper ways to dispose of paint so make sure you do it properly for where you live. Learn how to store paint the right way, here.

26. Broken Tools

broken hammer over a wooden background
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Broken tools are dangerous and should be thrown away immediately. Go through your toolbox and carefully inspect all tools to make sure they are in good repair.

27. Extra Bags and Suitcases

old travel suitcases stacked to be tossed
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If you’re an avid traveler, suitcases are a necessity. But how many do you need? Check your bags (see what we did there?) and throw away any worn or broken suitcases.

28. Old Manuals

man holding an instruction manual
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If you’ve ever bought a new appliance or put together a piece of furniture, it came with an instruction or user manual. While you may want to keep a user manual until you’re comfortable with your machine, instruction manuals can be thrown away when the project is complete.

29. Damaged Books

old hardcover damaged books over a white background
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Damaged books have no place on your bookshelf. If they are ripped or otherwise damaged, it’s time to get rid of them.

30. Old or Unused Candles

old white burned and forgotten candle
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Unless you melt down old candles to make new ones, there’s no reason to keep that stash of half-burned or unused candles you don’t like. Throw them away and make more room in your space.

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