15 Must Buy Items at the Dollar Store When on a Retirement Budget

Not all retirees have pensions along with Social Security as income sources. With the rising costs of groceries, household items, and medications, money can be stretched to the limit. So, how do you combat rising costs on a tight budget?

Shopping at a local dollar store could be the answer to keeping finances in line. Stores like Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Dollar General offer some name-brand and many generic brand items at a fraction of the cost of grocery store chains.

Everyone uses these common household items daily, and if you’re not careful, they can add up to a pretty penny. Stocking up monthly is easier when buying at a Dollar Store, helping to manage income that is received once a month.

1. Over the Counter Medications

woman shopping in medicine aisle at a store
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Having OTC medications on hand is a good idea. You can stock up at your local Dollar Tree store and never run out of medicine when needed.

All of these are store-brand and just $1.25. You can even order online and have them shipped to the closest store or your home. Shopping doesn’t get any easier than that!

  • ValuHealth Daytime and Nighttime Cold & Flu Softgels 12 count
  • Valuhealth All Day Allergy Relief 14 tablets
  • ValuHealth Ibuprofen 40 count, 200mg
  • ValuHealth Extra Strength 500mg Acetaminophen Pain Relief Caplets 40 count

2. Household Cleaners

Cleaning supplies to buy at the dollar store
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All household cleaners are not created equal, but you can still find some good ones at your local Dollar Tree. These are the top 4 to stock up on the next shopping trip, and they are just $1.25! Stock up on your favorites to last you until next month.

  • Fabuloso Lemon scent 22-oz.
  • LA’s Totally Awesome Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner with Vinegar, 32-oz.
  • Spic and Span 28-oz.
  • Ajax Ultra Liquid Dish Soap 12.4-oz.

3. Dish Towels

dish cloths for sale at a store
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Dish cloths and towels are great for wiping off the counter or drying your hands quickly in the kitchen. They are more cost-effective than paper towels and can be washed when dirty.

At just $1.25, if you have to throw one away, it can be replaced on your next trip. They also have some really cute designs featuring lemons and coffee. The inventory is ever-changing, so if you see one you like, get it while you can.

4. Toilet Paper

store display of charmin toilet paper
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Toilet paper is a household staple you can’t live without. Dollar Tree has several options for purchase.

  • The store brand, Soft and Strong, is 2-ply with four in a pack for $1.25.
  • The Harmony brand has two types, soft and strong 2-ply double rolls 12 in a pack for $5
  • Ultra soft and strong 2-ply 6 mega rolls for $5.

If you’re a die-hard Charmin fan, you can buy a single mega roll for $1.25. Do the math; that’s still a lot cheaper per roll, so if you don’t mind taking home individual rolls, you can save big by buying toilet paper at Dollar Tree. Just stay away from the single-ply options.

5. First Aid Supplies

bottles of alchol
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Bandaids, antiseptic, and antibiotic ointment can be purchased cheaply at Dollar Tree. Keep a supply in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the garage for unforeseen accidents.

They carry the Bioswiss brand and have six designs in 21-count boxes for the grandkids, including unicorns, mermaids, baby dinosaurs, aliens, a pineapple, and a llama.

For adults, there is the Curad brand in 60-count boxes. All for the low price of $1.25! Bacitracin ointment can be purchased in a 1-oz. tube for $3.50. Don’t forget to pick up bottles of peroxide and alcohol for, you guessed it, $1.25.

6. Paper Towels

Bounty paper towels on store shelves
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Paper towels have gotten so expensive at the grocery store. With all the different types you can buy, deciding which is best is hard. Buy them at Dollar Tree and save money on your monthly spending for this household necessity.

  • Harmony Giant Paper Towel Rolls, 6-ct. -$5
  • Ultra Harmony Double Paper Towel Rolls, 2-ct. – $3
  • Bounty Essentials Paper Towels, 40-sheet Rolls – $1.25

7. Reading Glasses

Glasses display at a store
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As we age, our eyesight can start to fail. Reading things up close gets harder. Buy a pair of readers at the dollar store to bring things back into focus. Heck, buy two or three pairs! At $1.50, you can afford a pair next to your chair in the living room, on your nightstand, and in the kitchen or garage.

Available in +1 up to +3.25 diopters, you’ll be able to find one to help you see that fine print. Don’t skip your yearly eye exam to check for other problems that may arise.

8. Paper Plates

Party supplies for sale at the dollar store
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Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter just wouldn’t be the same without the heads of the family hosting these family gatherings. Save money and time by buying paper plates at the dollar store. Use them for lunches and dinner to save on the cost of washing dishes and the time it takes for clean up.

Dollar Tree has many designs to choose from, including birthday and holiday motifs, solid colors, and basic styles for everyday use. They come in 7-inch and 9-inch sizes and 18 to 24 counts per package for $1.25.

9. Food Storage Containers

display of food storage containers
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Food storage containers are great for storing leftovers, but what happens when the kids and grandkids come to dinner and want to take home leftovers? Pretty soon, your storage containers are gone. Buy them at the dollar store and save money. You’ll never have to worry about having food storage containers when you need them.

10. Gardening Supplies

woman gardening
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Gardening is a popular pastime for many retirees, but it can get expensive. Flower pots, gloves, and small gardening tools can be purchased at Dollar Tree for $1.25. Some stores will even have seed packets to fuel your hobby.

11. Craft Supplies

Wooden craft supplies for sale at the dollar store
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Don’t skip the craft aisle at the local dollar store. You never know what goodies you might pick up. Craft paints, brushes, and glue are super cheap. Stock up and have them on hand when the grandkids come to visit.

12. Travel Sized Toiletries

travel size toiletries
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Many retirees enjoy traveling, but you can’t take full-size toiletries in a carry-on when flying. Stock up on travel-sized deodorant, body wash, and toothpaste at the dollar store to make sure you get through airport security without any hassles.

13. Greeting Cards

Greeting card display
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Everyone loves getting a greeting card in the mail. Birthdays and Christmas cards are still a wonderful surprise to open the mailbox and find. You could spend $5 or $6 on a card or check out the display in your local Dollar Tree and get them 2 for $1. Now, that makes good money sense for a retiree’s budget.

14. Toothpaste

tube of toothpaste on a store shelf
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Toothpaste isn’t too expensive at the grocery store, but when you’re at Dollar Tree, don’t forget to pick up a tube for $1.25. Make sure you get them when they have them in stock, as the supply goes quickly.

15. Pet Supplies

dog toys for sale at a store
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Dollar Tree carries Greenbriar Kennel Club brand pet products. From stainless steel dog bowls in cute patterns to dog brushes and harnesses to pet training pads, you can get pet supplies for $1.25. There are currently 506 pet items listed on Dollar Tree’s website that you can ship to store or to your home. Check out the in-store stock on your next trip.

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