The 12 Most Cluttered Spaces to Tackle Today

Clutter can creep up on you and before you know it, it’s everywhere. None of us do it intentionally, but over time, ignoring items that are out of place leads to a bigger mess.

Whether it’s that pile of clothes in the corner of your bedroom or all the paperwork on your desk, clutter can accumulate and become so bad that you don’t even know where to start fixing it.

Has clutter taken over? It’s time to take control and get organized! Check out this list of the 12 most cluttered places in your home and start tackling those messes today

1. The Garage

cluttered garage
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The garage can be one of the most cluttered places in most homes. It’s usually full of tools, equipment, and other stuff that you don’t use regularly. If you’re not careful, your garage can quickly become a dumping ground for all kinds of things.

2. The Basement

cluttered basement
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A basement is a great place to dump it and forget it. However, the basement can quickly become cluttered if you’re not careful. Basements can be damp, causing mold and mildew to grow. Putting things in the basement to get them out of sight is a quick fix that can lead to a bigger mess.

To keep your basement organized and clutter-free, designate zones for storage and elevate items off the floor if necessary. Get rid of the things you don’t need or haven’t used in the last 6 months.

3. The Attic

Attic with clutter
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The attic is another great place to store things that you don’t use regularly. However, it can also be a breeding ground for dust and other allergens.

If you use your attic for storage, make sure you need what you are storing. Seasonal items such as holiday decorations or clothing are all items that could take up space in your attic.

Store items in plastic totes to keep them dust-free. Cover large items with a sheet or drop cloth.

4. Linen Closet

woman organizing a small linen closet
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Linen closets are used daily and keeping them organized and clutter-free is a challenge. It’s easy to just close the door on one of the most cluttered spaces in your home.

Get rid of old towels, half-used bottles of product, and things that don’t belong to start decluttering this problem space.

Designate shelves for certain items, use baskets and bins for easily accessible storage, and keep a running inventory of items to replenish such as toilet paper, shampoo, or cleaning supplies.

5. Kitchen Pantry

containers in the pantry with labels
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If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen pantry and struggle with keeping it organized, we get it! “Out of sight, out of mind” is usually how pantry organization is approached. When we can close the door on the mess, we are less likely to take the time to fix it.

It’s time to take control and put an organization system in place to deal with the jumbled mess and keep it clutter-free.

  • Use baskets and bins to organize snacks and canned good.
  • Clear containers with labels work great for goods you use most often.
  • Use a first-in, first-out system to avoid items going past the expiration date.
  • Store less used items on top shelves and heavier items on the bottom.

6. Living Room Surfaces

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The living room is another room in your home that’s easy to accumulate clutter. It’s usually full of furniture, knickknacks, and other items that you don’t use regularly, and if you’re not careful, it can quickly become a cluttered space.

  • Take stock of the stuff you have.
  • Declutter by getting rid of the things you don’t love and don’t need.
  • Be selective with collections
  • Only have what you will use on coffee tables and end tables.
  • Set your surfaces up for how they work best for your household

7. Bathroom Vanity

woman organizing under the bathroom vanity
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Bathrooms, especially small ones, can become disorganized and collect clutter. Clearing the clutter will make the bathroom function better for the whole family.

Get rid of expired medication, out-of-date makeup, and other products that don’t get used. This will free up space in your vanity cabinet. Use baskets and bins to organize bathroom essentials to make life easier for everyone.

8. Nightstand

clutter free nightstand next to a bed
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Your bedroom is a place to rest and relax at the end of the day. It’s normally the last room in a home to be decorated and the last room to be decluttered. Nightstands are a magnet for clutter.

Glasses from drinks are taken to bed, books are read, paperwork is taken, a laptop is used when working in bed, and jewelry is taken off and left to lie.

All of these things add up to clutter, which doesn’t make for a peaceful night’s sleep. Declutter your nightstand and put only the things you need to go to sleep there. You’ll rest easier when you do.

9. Home Office

woman sitting at her desk in a home office
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Home offices are great when you work from home or want a dedicated place to pay bills or do personal business. You can get away, shut the door, and get things done in a timely manner.

But a home office can also become a dumping ground for all the things that don’t belong there. Before you know it, that room is a cluttered mess, and you don’t even want to go in it.

Begin by decluttering and getting rid of or finding a home for all the things that don’t belong. Clear the desk and add storage solutions to keep everything neat and organized. Clutter is a distraction you don’t need in your home office.

10. Laundry Room

clean and uncluttered laundry room
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Laundry supplies, unpaired socks, and stacks of clothes that need to be put away can all add to the clutter in a laundry room.

To keep it clutter-free put a system in place that helps you to get laundry done and put away. Designate a “laundry day” or do one load each day so you can keep on top of the dreaded laundry chore.

Get other family members to help. Chores are more fun when everyone helps. Our hard and fast rule is that clothes are never left in the laundry room, and all supplies are put away when the chore is done.

11. Junk Drawer

draw filled with junk items meant to be tossed out
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Most families have a junk drawer. It’s generally in the kitchen, and everyone contributes to the mess and disarray that resides in it. It doesn’t start as a “junk” drawer. It begins as a place to keep frequently used items so they are quick and easy to get to.

We all have good intentions when it comes to this drawer, but after a while, it just gets out of control. Purge it weekly to keep it clutter-free.

12. Kid’s Toy Box

toys from a toy box cluttered spaces
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Kids’ rooms are prone to clutter; there’s just no way to avoid it. Toy boxes are a great way to corral toys, but they can quickly become an unorganized mess. A toy box should be purged of broken and unused toys at least every few months. Get your child to help you so they learn how to manage and care for the toys they have.

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