No More Messy Closet! 11 Budget-Friendly Tips to Tame the Chaos

Are your closets messy and stressing you out? Organizing your closet can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have an unlimited budget. You look at all the beautiful custom closet inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram and wonder how you can achieve something even remotely similar without breaking the bank.

Organizing your closet on a budget doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The following tips will help you achieve an organized closet in no time and proper planning and execution will ensure that the closet stays organized for a long time.

1. Start by Decluttering

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Before you start organizing your closet, you need to take the time to declutter. Decluttering is my favorite part of the organizing process because it’s so freeing to get rid of things that you don’t use or need.

Start by taking everything out of your closet. Then start purging, purging, and purging. You shouldn’t have to spend so much time trying to figure out what to wear because you have way too much in your closet. Get rid of all the clothes that no longer fit and that you no longer wear. This will make your life less stressful because getting ready will be much faster and easier.

2. Make a Plan

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Now that you have decided what to keep, it is time to make a plan before putting it all back. Measure your closet space and determine how much storage you need. This will help you decide what type of storage solutions to DIY or purchase that fit within your budget.

When measuring, be sure to take into account all available spaces – including shelves, drawers, hanging rods, and the back of doors. Utilizing the closet’s vertical space is key to maximizing storage. For example, adding shelves above your clothes can help you store items such as shoes and out-of-season clothing while giving you more floor space.

3. Utilize Vertical Space

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Closets are really tall on the inside and most builder-grade solutions don’t utilize the space to the fullest extent. There are a few ways to utilize the vertical space:

  • Add more shelves—With off-the-shelf solutions, it is relatively easy to add another shelf at the top of your closet. If you are handy, you can even build your own shelves. These can help store items such as shoes and out-of-season clothing while taking up less room on the floor.
  • Add a second rod—Adding an additional rod lower can double your hanging space if you are only storing shirts and pants. Of course, if you have them, you will have to leave some long spaces for dresses.
  • Add a tension rod in narrow or tight spaces to utilize the storage space. Here is a great example.

4. Reorganize Clothing How It Works for You

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There are many suggestions on how to organize clothing. Some recommend organizing by color, some by function—all similar clothing styles together, and some by occasion. There is no hard and fast rule on which way is the best way to organize. The best way to organize is the way that makes sense to you and your brain.

5. Use Bins for Sorting and Storing

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I think the worst culprit for a messy closet is clothes that need to be folded and kept on shelves. They are always falling over, getting mixed up, and just creating a general mess. One of the best ways to organize and sort them is to use storage bins. You can purchase plastic bins from any big box store. These bins can then be easily stacked on the shelves in the closet.

6. Utilize the Back of Closet Doors

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The back of closet doors is precious real estate. You can easily hang organizers on them like fabric organizers or pocket organizers for things like purses, belts, scarves, etc. It is also a great place to hang your jewelry organizers.

7. Install a Shoe Rack or Use Stackable Containers to Store Shoes Neatly

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Another huge pain point in closets is the shoes at the bottom of the closet. It can be very easy for them to get messy. Organizing those shoes will go a long way in the look and feel of the closet. You can install a shoe rack inside the closet to keep them nicely stacked. Or you can get stackable containers so you can protect the shoes that you don’t wear very often plus the clear window makes them easy to find when needed.

8. Use Baskets, Boxes, and Dividers for Easy Storage of Small Items

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Small items can easily get misplaced in a huge closet. They are also items that can make the closet look messy. Storing them by category or color in bins and baskets makes the entire closet more organized and makes it easier for you to find them when needed.

9. Shop Your Home

bookcase as shoe storage
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Finding items to use as storage solutions in your home is the most budget-friendly way to organize your closet on this list. Maybe you have a small bookcase you could repurpose into shoe storage or you may have baskets and bins that you can use to organize items that don’t have to be hung up. Whatever you find, shopping your home for storage is the easiest way to get it done.

10. Simple DIY Organizational Solutions

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DIY is always the best way to save money – if you have the materials readily available. Here are a few examples:

11. Shop around for Affordable Organizing Solutions

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Even if you end up having to purchase items to organize your closet, it does not mean that you have to break the bank. There are many budget-friendly solutions and stores where you can find useful products to help make organizing your closet easy. Here are a few examples:

  • Big box stores like Walmart and Target carry lots of great options for very reasonable prices.
  • IKEA is another great alternative where you can find lots of drawer organizers, baskets, and shelves.
  • Stores like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods are great places as well.
  • And as always Amazon is a great place to shop.
  • Thrift stores are another great alternative are you may be able to find not only organizers but also furniture like dressers, etc.
  • The Dollar Store is also another budget-friendly place to buy storage solutions.

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