The kitchen is the heart of a home and the pantry is an integral part of every kitchen.  Think about how many times a day you walk into your pantry or open your pantry door (or go to close the door for the 10th time after the kids left it open).  If I had to guess, it’s a fairly high number.  When you see and use a space that often it needs to be organized and to maintain an organized space you need to choose the right organizing products.

Many of my clients say they struggle to determine what containers they need and how to use them.  They feel stuck and unable to start their organizing project.  So I whipped up a list of my favorite organizing products for your pantry and how I most often use them in hopes of helping you!  Use the right products and your pantry will make you feel happy, productive and in control instead of overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated. 

Let’s get started!

#1 The Container Store’s Multi-Purpose Bins

These bins are a must have in your pantry and they come in four different sizes, varying by width.  All are just under 10” tall, so the containers work best for taller items, like backup bottles of oil and vinegar, bread (place vertically), or large bags of chips.  I also recommend these if you buy in bulk. Because these containers are tall, you can easily stack a lot of smaller individual containers within them, without taking up much shelf space.



#2  The Container Store’s Plastic Storage Bin with Handles

You can get these in clear or white and like the Multi-Purpose Bins, these come in 4 sizes.  I use these to store paper goods, boxes of cereal, pancake or other baking mixes, rice and pasta, coffee, tea, nuts and crackers. Container Store has bulk purchase pricing on these plastic bins if you are doing an entire space.



#3  Amazon’s mDesign Bins

These pantry rock stars are best used to store kid (or adult!) snacks, organized by type – saves you time when packing lunches (ps. you can do the same in your fridge!).  Line the bins up up side by side and place one type of snack in each – granola bars, breakfast bars, squeezable applesauce packets and bags of goldfish are what I see most often when organizing for my clients.  These bins also make great containers for cookie cutters and condiments.


#4  Amazon’s mDesign Tiered Shelving

Expandable, tiered shelving is the way to go for canned goods. Also works well for spices if you don’t have a spice drawer or dedicated spice cabinet elsewhere in your kitchen.  And if you do have limited pantry space check out my additional tip below!





#5  Amazon’s mDesign Lazy Susan

These can be purchased in packs of 2 or 4 and work best for frequently used oils, vinegars, rubs, cooking sprays, salts and pepper.  For bakers, dedicate one to baking supplies and / or baking items like sprinkles, icing and cupcake liners.                                                                                                                                                                                                        


And one extra tip for anyone with a very small pantry!  The Container Store’s Elfa Pantry Door Wall Rack is an investment well worth making if you have limited pantry or cabinet space, it’s a game changer. 

Hope you found my favorites helpful! Feel free to contact me with questions or to discuss how I might help you get organized.  I offer comprehensive custom product recommendations and layout designs as part of my organizing services, as well as without services for those that enjoy doing the actual organizing on their own. 



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