Success. It comes in all shapes and sizes; and in all facets of life; success in one’s career, success in school, success in parenting, success in relationships. Regardless of how it’s defined or where you strive to achieve it, the one common thread is Motivation. Success doesn’t fall in our laps; it is earned; it takes time, it requires hard work and focus. Staying motivated is essential and for me, there are 5 key ingredients to motivation:

  1. Optimism – remain positive, view setbacks as lessons learned and use positive self talk.
  2. Energy – take care of your body, mind and spirit; being healthy gives us the energy we need to keep pushing forward.
  3. Accountability – be accountable to yourself and others.  Set goals and write (type) them down.  Set deadlines.  Forgive yourself if you miss a deadline, but re-prioritize and leave nothing important undone.
  4. Keep good company – the people you spend the most time with impact your attitude; they can drive you in either a positive or negative direction.  Make sure you surround yourself with the right people.
  5. Prioritize – how do you expect to stay motivated if everything is a first priority?  Make tough decisions to ensure your priorities align with your goals, both short and long-term.

So those are the ingredients, but even with the best ingredients, without a good bowl or pan, what can you successfully create? Being organized – it’s the vessel; the Calphalon to your amazing meal. In simpler terms, being organized makes staying motivated A LOT easier. Without it, all that optimism, energy, accountability, good company and prioritization becomes less focused and easily redirected in ways that do not keep us on the path we intended.

If being or getting organized is a challenge for you, look for reinforcement; there are great ideas on Pinterest, fabulous blogs, books and articles on organization or call a local professional organizer…like me.  A well organized life will keep your motivation high and make your path to success much smoother.


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